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Famous stories

Are you into reading books? Do you like this? I do love what this is all about and I think that this has to do with what we think and what we do. So why not just try to get ahead and feel what is really worth seeing so we also can have a book that is about Swedish crime novels. Yes those books are very famous and we have several writers that do what is right for them when writing about these stories. So why not just try to feel what is really important and what is really ...

Golfing in France

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to play some golf in Brittany in a couple of weeks. I said yes without hesitating, I've always wanted to go there and play some golf but I haven't done it yet. I've seen images of the courses there and it looks magical. The paradise for golfers! So We're going to plan and book the trip and make everything work out. I think that this is going to be a great experience! And there's nothing that I love more that golf!